Membership Dues

MRC  2020-2021 Membership Dues (Active, Associate & Non-Residents) 

Membership in the Market Research Council (MRC) is by invitation. Please do not remit membership dues if you are uncertain of your status in the Council. For inquiries, please contact, Rosemarie Sharpe, Administrator, at: or The MRC membership year begins July to June.

One Year Membership (Active, Associate, Non-Resident) – billed annually $460.00. Includes 4 guess passes.

Individual who has met all the requirements of membership and who has been duly elected to join the organization.

Open to “Active” member who is in good standing for five (5) or more years and is no longer able to attend the perquisite number of luncheons. Any Active member who has been in good standing for ten or more years may seek Associate status without reason or qualification.

Individual who meets the qualifications of “Active” member and who has been duly elected to the MRC. Unable to fulfill requisite number of luncheons a year and works more than 50 miles from New York City.

There are two ways to pay the membership dues in the Council:

1) Members can remit their dues via a check, payable to the “Market Research Council” or “MRC” and then mail to:

Market Research Council, Inc.
P.O. Box 1076 – FDR Station
New York, NY 10150-1076

2) Members can remit their dues by credit card payment via the PayPal link below: