The Market Research Council’s mission is to:

Provide the focal point around which distinguished marketing research professionals can gather for the development and advancement of their mutual interests.

Stimulate the vigorous debate around the evolution of scientific study.

Strive constantly for advancement in the techniques of fact-finding, analysis and presentation. Broaden the field for marketing research by stimulating a wider acceptance and use of its services.

Encourage the study of marketing research as a profession in schools and colleges.

Invite speakers to discuss studies, techniques and problems pertaining to marketing research and related subjects.

Encourage the highest ethical practices in the preparation and use of marketing research with the constant aim of lift the standards of the profession.


Yale Club, New York City

Chartered in 1927, the Council held its first meeting on January 14, 1927 at the Harvard Club in New York City. For the last 30 years, meetings have been held at the Yale Club in New York City.


Executive Committee Members

Fiona Blades

President and Chair of MRC Executive Leadership Program

President and Chief Executive Officer
MESH Experience

Carol Haney

Vice President and Chair of Programming Committee

Head Research and Data Scientist

Steven Snell


Principal Survey Methodologist
Goldman Sachs

Kym Frank

Past President

Global Chief Experience Officer

Simon Chadwick

Marketing Committee Chair

Managing Partner

Sandra Grandsoult

Membership Experience Chair

Co-Creator & Founder
Equitas Insight

Monica Wood

Hall of Fame Chair 2023

Vice President Global Consumer and Member Insights
Herbalife Nutrition

Bill Daddi

Sponsorship Chair

Daddi Brand Communications

Susan Hogan

Member at Large and Co-Chair Marketing Committee


Rosemarie Sharpe

MRC Administrative Director

MRC Past Presidents

Percival White (1927)
Daniel Starch (1928)
William A. Berridge (1929)
Paul T. Cherrington (1930)
L.D.H. Weld (1931)
F.P. Valentine (1932)
Archibald M. Crossley (1933)
William B. Ricketts (1933-34)
George H. Gallup (1934-35)
Victor H. Pelz (1935-36)
Lyman Chalkley (1936-37)
John J. Karol (1937-38)
D.E. Robinson (1938-39)
Arthur P. Hirose (1939-40)
Arno H. Johnson (1940-41)
Will S. Johnson (1941-42)
Elmo Roper (1942-43)
Darrel B. Lucas (1943-44)
Raymond A. Robinson (1944-45)
Edward Battey (1945-46)
Robert King (1946-47)
Cornelius DuBois (1947-48)
Elmo C. Wilson (1948-49)
Virgil D. Reed (1949-50)
Franklin R. Cawl (1950-51)
Lloyd H. Hall (1951-52)
Hugh M. Beville, Jr. (1952-53)
Hans Zeisel (1953-54)
Albert D. Freiberg (1954-55)
Carl H. Henrikson, Jr. (1955-56)
Lyndon O. Brown (1956-57)
Paul E.J. Gerhold (1957-58)
John F. Maloney (1958-59)
Wallace H. Wulfeck (1959-60)

G. Sterling Brady (1960-61)
Peter Langhoff (1961-62)
Lester R. Frankel (1962-63)
Lawrence Deckinger (1963-64)
C.T. Smith (1964-65)
Leo Bogart (1965-66)
Lawrence Hubbard (1966-67)
Burns W. Roper (1967-68)
Richard A. Baxter (1968-69)
Richard H. Ostheimer (1969-70)
William T. Weilbacher (1970-71)
Solomon Dutka (1971-72)
William T. Moran (1972-73)
Charles Ramond (1973-74)
Arthur S. Pearson (1974-75)
Arthur Wilkins (1975-76)
Herbert Krugman (1976-77)
Charles D. Jacobson (1977-78)
Jerome D. Greene (1978-79)
Babette Jackson (1979-80)
Philip Levine (1980-81)
Charles Overholser (1981-82)
Ruth Ziff (1982-83)
Marilyn Watts (1983-84)
Valentine Appel (1984-85)
B. Stuart Tolley (1985-86)
Sonia Yuspeh (1986-87)
William Rubens (1987-88)
Gale D. Metzger (1988-89)
Arthur J. Kover (1989-90)
Ted Dunn (1990-91)
Rena Bartos (1991-92)
Timothy Joyce (1992-93)
Lorna Opatow (1993-94)

Harold M. Spielman (1994-95)
Martin R. Frankel (1995-96)
David F. Poltrack (1995-97)
Harry E. Heller (1997-98)
Diane Bowers (1998-99)
Allan L. Baldinger (1999-00)
Joan Treistman (2000-01)
Barry Cook (2001-02)
William A. Cook (2002-03)
Jane Brown (2003-04)
A. Dawn Lesh (2004-05)
Edward B. Keller (2005-06)
Bruce Goerlich (2006-07)
Robert L. Cohen (2007-08)
Ira J. Schloss (2008-09)
John Gilfeather (2009-10)
Kathi Love (2010-11)
Stephen A. Douglas (2011-12)
Monica Wood (2012-13)
Holly Heline Jarrell (2013-14)
Brad Fay (2014-15)
Lesile Wood (2015-16)
Bruce B. Friend (2016-17)
Terry Kent (2017-18)
Jim Spaeth (2018-19)
Ellen Sills-Levy (2019-20)
Josh Chasin (2020-21)
Kym Frank (2021-22)