September 24, 2021 – The 4As Reset Digital Universal Inclusion™ Initiative: Objectives and Methodologies


On Friday, September 24, the Market Research Council will present a panel on “The 4As Reset Digital Universal InclusionTM Initiative: Objectives and Methodologies”.

The session will take place from 12:30pm-1:30pm ET, followed by networking from 1:30pm-2pm ET. RSVP details can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Whether you’re considered an SME on DEI targeting, or your company is beginning to try to build trust within/across multicultural communities, it’s critical to attend two upcoming MRC events focused on how to best target and measure campaign performance and brand equity when campaigns are focused on multicultural audiences.

It’s not enough to mirror a diverse audience.

Marketers have already discovered that the simple inclusion of diverse faces in ads is not enough to drive advertising ROI. In fact, brands can experience a decline in brand affinity/sales across DEI audiences when the only expression of inclusion in their creative is an appearance of diversity.

What is the best way for marketers to illustrate an authentic multicultural initiative?

You can learn how to best attract and engage multicultural audiences on September 24, when a panel of leading executives who are laser-focused on furthering brand relatability across multicultural audiences shares the ways in which the 4As ReDi initiative is plumbing the depths of values, perceptions, and emotions to better understand how people wish to be portrayed in advertising.

This is the first of two panels that the MRC will host on this subject. Campaign objectives and measurement methodologies will be shared, and you’ll be given Q&A time to probe and contribute.

We gratefully thank  our sponsors, Reach3 Insights, and Geopath for providing the technology, Zoom

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