October 16 – Election 2020: The Final Chapter

Please join the The Market Research Council for our next webinar on Friday, October, 16 at 12:30pm ET where leading pollster and public policy expert, Peter D. Hart of P.D. Hart Associates will discuss his firm’s latest research on the American voter and what he expects.

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About Peter Hart

Peter D. Hart’s work has been key in determining the future for many of the most influential corporations and politicians in the country. He is regarded as one of the top analysts of public opinion in the U.S. and a leading shaper of national trends and political messages. 

Since 1989 he has been a pollster for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal.   He is called on frequently by such leading TV news programs. He has represented more than 55 U.S. Senators and 40 Governors.   He has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to Campaign Consulting by American University Campaign Management Institute.



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