November 12 – The Psychology of Change in a Time of Change: Applying Our Skills and Expertise to Design Effective Social Change & Public Health Campaigns

The COVID pandemic. Racial injustice. Economic inequality. Political polarization and widespread distrust. Can the marketing and media sector—including the research and analytics sector—help turn the tide?  Yes we can.

Join us Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 12:30pm ET for our next webinar. Please find RSVP details at the bottom of this page.

Tony Foleno, who leads research at the Ad Council, will shed light on how the industry is stepping up to address the most critical issues of our time.  Not just raising awareness, but moving people to act.  Hint: It involves much more than a TV PSA. Tony will highlight how data-driven insights and an understanding of human behavior inform the planning, implementation, evaluation, and optimization of social good campaigns, leveraging the same expertise, skills, and methodologies that MRC members rely on daily to help brands grow their business.

Tony will bring this to life through short case studies on Ad Council’s recent work in support of two national priorities: COVID-19 and Racial Justice.  His presentation will also include a broader discussion of the role that market research & analytics has in ensuring that brands’ purpose-driven activities (AKA ‘corporate social responsibility’) make a measurable social impact—rather than misfire, as so many often do.    

Main topics of the presentation and Q&A:

  • Similarities and differences between commercial marketing campaigns and public service/cause marketing campaigns.
  • How insights from cognitive science, behavioral economics, and consumer behavior trends are informing purpose-driven campaigns.
  • Best practices for measuring and optimizing the impact of purpose-driven campaigns.
  • The rise of “corporate purpose” and why researchers need to get acquainted with this topic if they have not already.

About Tony Foleno Tony leads research, strategic planning, and evaluation for 30+ public service campaigns at the Ad Council, the national nonprofit that mobilizes the energy and talents of the marketing, media, and technology industries to make a measurable impact on today’s most critical social and health issues. Tony recently won honors as Researcher of the Year at the 2019 Quirk’s Marketing Research & Insight Excellence Awards.  Short bio here



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