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  MRC-2020 Census 11 15 19-v2.pptx 
(THE 2020 CENSUS: COUNTING IN THE WAKE OF CONTROVERSY, November 2019, by Terri Ann Lowenthal)

MRC Mar.15.2019_Presentation by J.Walker Smith.pdf 
(5 Future Imperatives for the Uncomfortable States of Opportunity March 2019)

Bill Pink MRC Slides.pptx 
(Client business questions that frame Brand Guidance Systems September 2018)

(How Can Brands Best Understand Their Consumers: Social Listening? Traditional Brand Tracking? Or Both? September 2018)

PDH MRC Presentation - 10-19-18.pptx 
(Election 2018 Mid October Look October 2018)

(MRC Post- Midterm Election Panel part 2 November 2018)

Ipsos_OAOU_MRC Panel 111518.pptx 
(MRC Post- Midterm Election Panel November 2018)

Doug Jensen PPT.pptx 
(Measuring Marketing Spend: Multi-Stage Marketing Mix Modeling January 2019)

Market Soundings.pptx 
(The Market Research Council Paul Donato May 2018)

(Seven Trends Reshaping Our World Viewed through the Lens of Digital Data April 2018)

(Five Keys to Effective Advertising January 2018)

(Five Keys to Advertising Effectiveness August 2017)

GI12-15-17_MRC Update from MRC.pdf 
(Advancing Digital Ad Standard and " Walled Garden" Update)

(The Next Generation of Ad Measurement is Now, September 15, 2017)

Digital Trends Presentation Kristina May 2017 Trends Opptys Challenges PRESENTED to Market Research Council.pdf 
(Digital Trends Presentation Kristina May 2017 Trends Opptys Challenges)

Final February 2017 MRC Presentation.pptx 
(Amazon and Other Key Issues Roiling Luxury February 2017)

Community Forecasting MRC Talk, Brent Stinski 1-20-2017.pptx 
(Community Forecasting MRC Talk, Brent Stinski, January 20, 2017)

The Mind Behind speech by Lang Rust to the MRC December 2016.pdf 
(The Mind Behind speech by Lang Rust to the MRC December 2016)

Toast to Predictions in 2016 MRC JFitzGerald.pdf 
(A Toast to the Media Mega Trends that will Drive Our Business in 2016, January 20)

(The Connected Home Opportunity - September 2015)

Greg Kahn Presentation_MRC Sept 18-15 Luncheon.pdf 
(What's Next in the Connected Retail World - September 2015)

MRC 20nov2015 - Deciphering the Digital Environment.pdf 
(Deciphering the Digital Environment.- November 20 2015)

(Long Term Ad Effectiveness Measurement - The Single Source Solution, September 19, 2014)

(The Imperatives of Person-to-Person Relationships - J. Walker Smith May 17, 2013)

(Winning the $30 trillion Decathlon: Going for Gold in Emerging Markets April 19, 2013)

(Measuring the Impact of the 2012 Presidential Election Debates through CBS Instant Polls April 11, 2013)

(Media-Driven Instant Polling in the 2012 General Election: Who Won the First Presidential Debate? March 2013)

(IBM MRC presentation - Big Data and Congnitive Computing v9 Feb 2013)

I_Lewis Presentation Jan17.2013.pdf 
(I Lewis Presentation Jan 17 2013)

Bill Moult Dec 2012 Presentation.pptx 
(Bill Moult Dec 2012 Presentation)

(How Does the Weather Affect Your Clients Businesses: Trends & Forecast (10/12/12))

MRC presentation Brigham and Fallig 04_20_2012_FINAL.pptx 
(Survey Routers: A Primer - Nancy Brigham & Michael Fallig (4/20/12))

MRC - December 09_2011 flyer.FINAL.doc 
(The 2012 Presidential Election and Lessons Learned from the 2008 Primary Polls (12/9/11))

MRC Kent Gridley Joint Presentation 10.21.11 MC.ppt 
(MRC Kent Gridley Joint Presentation (10/21/11))

(The Big Bang:The Rapidly Expanding World of Online Qualitative Research (4/16/10))

MRC AC one-sheet 4sk.pdf 
(Overview of Consumer Trends with Ann Clurman (1/15/10))

MRC - Oct16-09 Flyer.FINAL.doc 
(Quantitative Anthropology: How It Can Influence Marketing Innovation (10/16/09))

MRC - Apr17-09 Luncheon Flyer.Final.docx 
(Measuring Corporate Reputation)

(MRC - Apr '09 speaker presentation)

(New Insights from the ‘Always On’ Shopper” - Betsy Frank Presentation)

MRC - Mar20-09 Luncheon Flyer - Final.docx 
(Agent Based Modeling)

MRC - Nov21-2008 Mtg flyer.doc 
(The Zigs and Zags of Website Effectiveness (11/21/08))

MRC October 17 08 - Horst Stipp.ppt 
(Measuring Audiences in a Digital World: A New Look at Media "Currencies" (10/17/2008))

MRC Luxuries.ppt 
(Kick Off Luncheon Program "Subtle Luxies" (9/19/2008))

SOGI Accel Final 080908 LBA (2for MRC lunch).ppt 
(Josh Chasin Presentation to MRC May 16, 2008)

MRC -May-16-08 mtg flyer FINAL.doc 
(John Chasin Program Notice May 16, 2008)

MRC -Apr-18-08 mtg flyer.FINAL.doc 
("Polling Lessons from the 2008 Primaries: Have We Learned Anything?")

Speaker April 18th PPT Presentation.ppt 
(Speaker PPT Presentation: "Polling Lessons from the 2008 Primaries: Have We Learned Anything?")

MRC - Mar-14-08 mtg flyer.FINAL.doc 
(An Update on Research, Regulation, and Privacy)

MRC 011808.ppt 
(MRC Spaeth-Holmes Website Presentation, 18 January 2008)

MRC - Jan18.08 meeting flyer.FINAL.doc 
(Highlights from Ball State University’s Media Studies)

MRC Luncheon Presentation_One Number Controversy_final.pdf 
(MRC Luncheon Presentation One Number Controversy December 2007)

MRC - Oct.19.07 mtg flyer.FINAL.doc 
(“A Social Climate Perspective on Consumer Behavior”)

MRC Oct-19-07 Presentation.ppt 
(DYG SCAN® - A Trend Identification Program)

MRC - Sept 07 meeting flyer.FINAL 09.11.07.doc 
(Counting People versus Computers: Web Measurement Challenges)

MRC - June 2007 flyer.doc 
(Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon)

MRC - Apr-20-07 meeting flyer.FINAL.doc 
(Qualitative Research Today and Tomorrow)

MRC - Feb-23-07- meeting flyer - FINAL.doc 
(The Challenge of Media Research for a Modern Media Agency)

MRC - Jan-19-07- meeting flyer - FINAL.doc 
(Use of Market Research in Public Service Advertising)

MRC - Dec-8-06 - meeting flyer - FINAL.doc 
(Understanding the Super Affluent)

MRC - Nov-17-06 - meeting flyer - FINAL.doc 
(The Role of Communications Planning)

MRC - Sep_15_06 - meeting flyer - FINAL.doc 
(The Most Talked About Brands in America: How to Become One of Them)

MRC-HallofFame Remarks- V_Barabba presentation.doc 
(MRC - 2006 Hall of Fame Award - V. Barabba's remarks)

MRC - Feb_24_06 Speaker presentation.pdf 
(MRC - Feb-06 Speaker Presentation)

MRC - Jan_20_06 Speaker presentation-recd 2-10-06.pdf 
(MRC - Jan-20-06 Speaker Presentation)

ArtieBulgren[1].Connecting With The Fan 11-18-2005.ppt 
(November 2005 Artie Bulgren's Connecting with Fan)

(September 2005 Steve Morris Presentation)

MRC - Mar-05 Speaker_presentation.ppt 
(March 2005 Speaker presentation)



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