Red Trump or Blue Triumph? An Analysis of the 2018 Election (10/19/2018)



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Friday, October 19, 2018


Red Trump or Blue Triumph?

An Analysis of the 2018 Election




Peter D. Hart

Peter D. Hart Research Associates     



With the 2018 mid-term election less than three weeks away, Peter Hart will focus in on the stakes and the dynamics going into the final turn.   This will be a macro view of where the Americans stand and what messages are resonating with the voters based on the latest NBC-WSJ surveys.  


With over 50 years of election night experience at NBC and CBS, Peter will talk with us about clues to look for on election night and what the results will mean for President Trump, the U.S. and each of us as researchers and marketers going forward.


Peter D. Hart is one of the leading analysts of public opinion in the U.S.   The firm he founded in 1971—Hart Research Associates—is a leader in political, public opinion and corporate branding.   He has been the co-director for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal Poll since 1989.   In the political realm, Peter has represented more than 40 U.S. senators and 30 governors representing all of the major political figures including the Clintons, the Rockefellers, the Kennedys and most of the leaders in the U.S. Congress. 


Peter appears frequently on the major television programs that discuss public policy issues including Meet the Press, The Today Show and PBS NewsHour.


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