The Next Gen of Ad Measurement is Now (9/15/2017)



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Friday, September 15, 2017


The Next Gen of Ad Measurement is Now



Tom Swenson

VP Product Management, Advertising Solutions

Research Now


The promise of digital advertising has always been superior measurability and accountability – and to some extent, it has delivered. Advertisers know where their ads appear and what interactions take place. They can now identify whether their advertising reached the intended audience and if it drove the desired outcomes. But there are considerable challenges still facing digital advertising, such as true, reliable measurement and the ability to link back to the individual.


Tom will discuss the latest developments in advertising effectiveness that address these challenges by blending innovative digital advertising tactics with consumer-based market research data, across the full spectrum of media and channels.


About Our Speaker

Tom Swenson is Vice President of Product Management, Advertising Solutions, for Research Now, where he oversees development of ad effectiveness solutions incorporating first-party market research data. With over a decade in adtech, he was previously with GroupM, 24/7 Real Media, Yahoo, and WPP, where he played a key role in launching WPP’s Data Alliance. His experience includes leading and developing solutions and platforms in digital data, analytics, and advertising.


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Meeting date: Friday, September 15, 2017


Time: 12noon – 2:00pm


Where: Yale Club of New York, E. 44th St. & Vanderbilt Ave., 18th Fl.


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